Puff’s Fest (Trenton)

Puff’s Fest (Trenton)

Puff’s Fest (Trenton)

Trenton, NJ
The Champ
All Day

I (Ray Strife) have been playing Puff’s Fest in Frackville, PA for the last couple years and it’s always the best. So me and Tyler Puffs Wash figured it was time to bring one out to Trenton and have some of the best acts from out there mix it up with the best from out here. This is also gonna be the pre-gamer for the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (NOW TWO DAYS!) that weekend! Oh yeah did I mention this will be a CRACK FILLER Show!

Here’s the acts;

Real Rude Dude Girl – Coming out og Gangrenous Ovaries and eastern PA. Raunchy folk punks.

Condition Oakland – Hardcore folk punks for equality that make you happy to be sad. Ashland, PA.

TMFSE – Everyone’s favorite out of towner who stays in town. Emily Rugburn. Smoker’s Cough. Robot House. Hip Hop.

Tusko – Progressive metal out of Pottsville, PA.

Wade Wilson – Punk rock rapper you can’t put in a box. Dreadpool Parker. DKFG.

VULTUREPEAK – Intense two piece (sometimes three) Hardcore from middle Pennsylvania.

Crack Filler – Big shit not a true reunion reunion. Hardcore punk with some rap thrown in. I’m personally not impressed. First show in like eight or nine years. trenton Baby.

From Philly – Tamaqua, PA punk rock ragers.

Honah Lee – Everyone’s favorite Trenton Power pop punks. GTG Records. Life won’t let them. Work hard party harder.

Molly Rythm – Dual female fronted rock band powerhouse just getting off of tour. from trenton and Philly. Get ready to party. GTG Records.

So this is at Championship Bar doors at 7. $7 lots of out of towners to pay. Also Trenton Coffee House and Roaster will be in the building! Big shit guys let’s get it.