Puffchella 2016

23 Jun 2016 Thursday
25 Jun 2016 Saturday

Puffchella 2016

Pottsville, PA
All Day

Puffchella returns to the greater Pottsville area June 23-25 2016! Join us for this bi annual event for over 70 bands across 10 different venues.

Tom Szeliga 8:45
Three Boys Upstairs W/ a Drum 9:30
Crossroads Duo 10:15

FRIDAY JUNE 24TH @ distilled $3 COVER
The Underwear Serpents 9:00
Fragments of Existence 9:45
The Moneys 10:30
Dreamers, Like Us 11:15
Broken Fayth 12:00

SATURDAY JUNE 25th (10 Venues) $5 gets you into all shows!
Wooden Keg Tavern (Pottsville) FREE UNTIL 10PM!
The Woodchips 4:30
Shock Value 5:15
Condition Oakland (acoustic) 6:00
Todd Burd 6:45
Maura Gownley 7:30
Steve Mazur 8:15
Infinity 8:55
Dan Callahan 9:35
Macy Keefer 10:15
James McLaghlin 10:55
Levi Kerr 11:35
I Trust You To Kill Me (acoustic) 12:10

The Wooden Keg Tavern (St Clair) FREE
Damon Brossman 6:00
Erin Margaret 7:00
Kelsey Cork 8:00
Abicus 9:00

The Speakeasy at The Wooden Keg (Minersville) FREE
Jamwagon 6:00
Gerry Williams 7:00
Will Halko 8:00
In Bloom 9:00

Woody’s Bar & Backyard Paradise
The Prospectors 7:15
A Season Underground 8:00
Donnie Lynch 8:45
Ellyot H. Ray 9:30
Churches & Trains 10:15
Stephen Lee 11:00
The Jayplayers 11:45
The LOCAL BOY’S 12:30

Greystone Restaurant, FREE
Canyon. 8:45
Jeremiah Tall 9:30
The Boys Upstairs 10:15

The Famous Bar
Teddy Hazard 7:30
Terry Miller 8:15
Booze Radly 9:00
Heart Out 9:45
Young At Heart 10:30
SOH 11:15
Fallen Pride 12:00

Strikers Pub
Fiora 7:30
Strength In Allies 8:15
Magic Wax 9:00
Sumner Park 9:45
Kel Shag’Well 10:30
Arm The Slaves 11:15
King Kong Hates The Wolfman 12:00

Trippin’ Billie’
The Greater Victory 8:00
Inner Temple (acoustic) 8:45
The Heydays of Silence 9:30
Sluggernaut 10:15
Condition Oakland 11:00
The Plums 11:45
Gorilla Pack 12:30

The Business Fairy 8:00
Coffin Spell 8:45
Symbol of Sanity 9:30
Crack Filler 10:15
The Stonewall Vessels 11:00
Jaw Horse 11:45
From Philly 12:30

Geniverse 8:15
Nightmares Of Eve 9:00
Somebody’s Circus 9:45
Bloodeagle 10:30
Tusko 12:00
The Art of Deception 12:45

Rumors Bar & Grill
Woody’s Backyard Paradise
Trippin’ Billie’
Striker’s Pub
The Famous Bar
The Wooden Keg Tavern (Pottsville)
The Wooden Keg (Saint Clair)
The Wooden Keg Irish Tap Room (Minersville)
The Greystone
Distilled Bar and Lounge

From Philly
Fallen Pride
Crossroads Duo
The Jayplayers
King Kong Hates The Wolf Man
Ellyot H Ray
The Stonwall Vessels
Arm The Slaves
The Boys Upstairs
Nightmares of Eve
The Local Boys
Condition Oakland
The Art of Deception
The Greater Victory
Somebody’s Circus
Churches & Trains
The Prospectors
Gorilla Pack
Damon Brossman
Shock Value
The Money$
Erin Margaret
Todd Burd
The Business Fairy
Jeremiah Tall
Dreamers, Like Us
Tedd Hazard
The Woodchips
Tom Szeliga
Terry Miller
The Heydays of Silence
Stephen Lee
Heart Out
Broken Fayth
Kelz The Good Money Kidd
Gerry Williams
The Underwear Serpents
James Tomedi
Young At Heart
Kelsey Cork
Booze Radly
Macy K
In Bloom
Coffin Spell
Magic Wax
Crack Filler
Jaw Horse
The UCM Tro
A Season Underground
The Plums
Fragments of Existence
Sumner Park
Donnie Lynch
I Trust You To Kill Me
Symbol of Sanity
The Queeftones
Dan Callahan
Levi Kerr
James McLaughlin
Inner Temple
Strength In Allies
Three Boys Upstairs W/ a Drum