Snitz Creek Brewery

Snitz Creek Brewery
Snitz Creek Brewery
Lebanon, PA

2019 BREWSGIVING TAG TEAM PARTNER: Mount Gretna Craft Brewery

It all began with a homebrew kit given as a Christmas present from Patrick’s mother-in-law. From the kitchen to the basement to a barn to our current location in the heart of downtown Lebanon, our mission has always been to create a place for a community of good, hardworking people to come together, celebrate and share their experiences, centered around great, handcrafted beer. Adam’s passion for consistency and quality in his brews has garnered us a lot of attention in the brewing world, and it’s what gave us the confidence to open a brewpub. That, combined with Patrick’s entrepreneurial spirit, spawned what is now Snitz Creek Brew pub. Our head brewer, Josh Schucker, has now taken over the reigns and is producing some amazing beers for your enjoyment.

We value dedication to family, work and adventure, friendship and community, all of which serve as the main ingredients in our pub. We all work hard every day to have what we call our “Snitz Creek Moments,” and we’ve created an atmosphere for you and your family and friends to share in these moments too. Whether it’s a long rail-trail bike ride, a recent promotion, or a fun day of skiing, you’ll be able to reward yourself with a beer created just for you.

2018 SKOOK SERIES 2nd Place