Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Co.

Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Co.
Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Company
Schuylkill Haven, PA

-Belma Strong Ale **SKOOK SERIES**

Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Company is a single barrel brewery located in the rolling mountains of Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. We are a family/veteran owned and operated brewery, and evolved from over a decade of small batch brewing with our brew master, Bob Marquardt.

Since the beginning, our vision has remained clear – to brew traditional beers using original recipes that adhere to the Purity Laws. We use the four basic ingredients – no additives, no extracts, no chemicals. The result is unfiltered, Pure F-in’ Craft Beer.

We have a passion for good beer and believe in quality over quantity and true craftsmanship through every step of the brewing process. We’re certain that you will appreciate the time and care that we place into every barrel.

We’re here to stay and promise to provide the community with a locally owned business and locally brewed beer for all to enjoy. Look for our tap handle at your favorite restaurant or bar and enjoy a pint of SMBC’s Good F-in’ Beer. Cheers!

Your Friends at Schuylkill Mountain Brewing Company – Bob, Karen, Laura, Brian