Cottrell Brewing Company

Cottrell Brewing Company
Cottrell Brewing Company
Pawcatuck, CT
Years active

Brew List

  • Old Yankee Ale
  • Safe Harbor Blonde

I felt this desire to make better beer. While studying in London, I developed a passion for quality ales and when I returned to Connecticut with my family, I knew I wanted to leave consulting and turn my passion into a business. I worked hard to master my craft. My wife, Ann, and I opened the doors to Cottrell and on February 28, 1997, we rolled the first keg of Old Yankee Ale down Mechanic Street to our local watering hole, CC O’Brien’s.  Our mission was then, and is still now, to produce the best product that we can using fresh, natural, quality ingredients.

Brewing is part art and part science. Craft beer offers more flavor, more body and more depth, and you know that someone has put a lot of time and attention personally into the product. We have honed our craft and have grown steadily over the years, serving only Old Yankee Ale for thirteen years and then introducing Mystic Bridge, IPA, in 2009, followed by Oktoberfest 2011, Perry’s Revenge, a Scotch Ale,in 2012, and Stonington Glory Pilsner in 2014. We do special cask beers and barrel aged brews, and our brewing team is so respected that we have several brands that entrust us to brew their beers. Our Cottrell family has grown to a team of nine and we can be found at numerous restaurants, bars, and package stores across seven states.

If you haven’t tried Cottrell , you are missing out on a uniquely brewed, quality product steeped in New England history and great taste. Cottrell is something I hold dear to my heart and I want to share it with the world


Charlie Buffum

Owner & Brewer, Cottrell Brewing Co.