Cave Brewing Company

Cave Brewing Company
Cave Brewing Company
Bethlehem, PA


Cave Brewing Company is a small craft “nano” brewery founded by long time home brewer Jeff Bonner and his wife, Alison.

Jeff starting brewing beer at his home in a ½ gal fermenter in 1990 using a book that his wife bought for him. From that first batch that made just 4 pints, he was hooked! From that day to today, his passion hasn’t faded and the beers are still produced at his home brewery. The brewery is located near Bethlehem, PA in Salisbury Township.

Our mission has always been to give back to our community by partnering with local and regional businesses. We define success when we find local partners to work together to produce and deliver amazing products to our customers.


Our beers are brewed on a 5B system in a detached building using chemical and additive free water from our 300 ft deep well that taps into an ancient spring. The water is pulled from the ground and goes directly into our brewing kettles with no processing or chemicals added. Water is one of the most important and overlooked ingredients of beer. Our water is absolutely perfect and the ideal base to build great beers upon! Many of the beers use hops grown in our garden on our 5-acre property or sourced by a local hop farmer. By keeping things local, it allows Cave to produce the freshest products while returning funds back into our community and Commonwealth.


All of Cave Brewing Company’s products are 100% non-filtered and non-pasteurized. Rediscover craft beer again by buying local or better yet, drop by one of our retailers and purchase pints or growlers. We are currently working with various select retailers and restaurants to carry our products. Check our main website ( which lists our valued retailers that carry our products.